Why Should You Support Local Business?

It is always great to help support local businesses, they are the backbone of our community, and a strong community supports local businesses, in return they get a high quality service and a personal touch that has been lost somewhat along the way with larger supermarket retail chains appearing over the past couple of decades.

Quality of Local Well Being

Thomson Dairies make a positive contribution to the quality standards of life in our community, from kids and people of all ages drinking healthier and alternative to fizz pop .

Local businesses create more jobs, and they boost the local economy, which in turn improves our schools, our parks, and the quality of life in our town. Most importantly, local businesses invest in our community. If you look behind the scenes at any local activity that contributes to the common well being of the community, you are likely to find a local business person

They are the leaders, the ambitious, hard working people who have ideas and act on them.

Local Business Pounds Stay Local

Small and locally owned businesses are an important part of an economy that provide for everyone. By keeping money local, we can take charge of our economy. Any time a pound is spent, it generates a pound’s worth of economic activity and employment. If the same pound is spent several times, then it generates several pounds worth of employment, behaving as if it were several pounds, not just one. Every pound has the potential to generate benefits several times its face value.

If you give your cash to a large national company, then that money leaves our community and we benefit from it very little. If you spend your money at a locally owned business, then that money is more likely to be spent again and again in the local economy. In a recent economic analysis it was found that locally owned businesses generate three times the economic impact of multi national retailers on equal sales. They attributed the difference to the following reasons:

Thank you for shopping local!

Support your local milkman and have fresh milk delivered every day!