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Getting Started Online

What is a regular order and how do I set one up?

Regular orders are the best way to get the most from your milkman. These are the items you want to have delivered, well, regularly! Most people want the same milk delivered on the same day or days each week, and that’s a regular order.
It doesn’t have to just be milk either, we have a wide range of regular products on the website, while seasonal items that you would only want once, perhaps – such as Easter Eggs, Advent Calendars and Compost – will be added onto the site throughout the year. If you want to add a new item, like orange juice or flavoured milk, to your regular delivery, then include it in your list of products and insert your URN.

How do I change a regular order?

If you want to increase your regular order for your future deliveries, sign in to your MY ACCOUNT account and click the EMAIL AND PASSWORD’ button on the right hand side. Here you can adjust the days and quantities of your existing regular orders, or delete them. Make your changes and click ‘Save’.

I'm going on holiday. How do I let my milkman know?

There’s no need to delete your orders each day you are away, or delete your regular orders.

We’ll put all your regular deliveries on hold until you get back. You can contact us direct by telephone and we will put you to the correct team to assist.

When I switch to an online account, what happens to my current orders?

Your offline orders can’t be automatically transferred to your online account so you need to set up your regular orders on the website, you can choose to pay by monthly Direct Debit or recurring debit/credit card.

Pay your final offline invoice in the usual way, direct to your milkman, and in future your deliveries and all payments will be managed automatically online.

How do I pay for my deliveries?

If you want to set up any regular daily or weekly deliveries from your milkman, you need to set up a regular payment method. You can choose either a Direct Debit, or use your credit or debit card to set up repeat monthly payments. Either way, we provide you with a standard credit limit on your account which you can use for both regular and one-off orders and we will take a monthly payment on your chosen payment date.

Can I set-up more than one account - one for me and one for my parents?

Yes of course, however you will need to set up the account for your parents in their name at their address to comply with our identity verification checks. You’ll be able to use your own payment details if you wish when you come to set this up. You will also need to use a different email address to the one you use for your own account.

I haven't received my registration email, what do I do?

Contact us and we will assist you further.

We understand that you may not want to give all your personal details when you use an online service but at Thomson Dairies we deliver your milk and products on a credit account basis and invoice you at the end of the month instead of taking your payment at the time of delivery.

Do I have to let my milkman/woman know that I have signed up to online deliveries?

No – your milkman will see that you have as soon as you place your first order online. Remember that unfortunately we can’t automatically transfer your offline orders to your online account. When you have your first delivery of your online order your milkman will also deliver your final invoice for the offline account. You need to pay him/her in the usual way and after that your account will all be online.

Why do I have to accept the Terms & Conditions whenever I change something?

Consumer legislation for online shopping means that we have to give our customers the opportunity to check and agree to our Terms & Conditions whenever you place a new, or change an existing order with us so that you can be fully aware of what you will be paying for when you buy from us

Why do I get an email each time I cancel a delivery and can I unsubscribe from these emails?

As with any online shop, if you place an order with us we will send you a confirmation of that order for your records, it’s the same for whenever you cancel an order, so that you have a record of what you have requested and know what you are committed to buying. These emails are a legal requirement that we must send to your registered account email and as such you cannot unsubscribe from them. We recommend you keep them for your records until you no longer require them.

What web browsers do you support?

The Thomson Dairies desktop website is optimised and tested to work with the most recent versions of popular browsersCurrently, these include:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

In order to optimise your experience on the Thomson Dairies website and have access to the full site functionality, we recommend you upgrade your browser to the latest version of one of those listed above.

Thomson Dairies is also available via your mobile. The mobile website is supported for use on the following mobile devices and most up-to-date operating systems:
Apple iPhone & iPod Touch running iOS 8 or higher
Android Smartphones running Android 5.0 and higher

This list is subject to change as new browsers are released and adopted. We will continue to test new browsers as they become popular with our customers and we will update this page to reflect the browsers we have tested and we know to be compatible with our site.

General Questions

Is Thomson Dairies fresh milk Scottish?

Yes it is – all our fresh milk is Scottish and is sourced from farms around the Country. Please note that sterilised and UHT milk is not classed as fresh because of the extended heat treatment processes used.

I'm a new customer, how will I know who my milkman is?

You’ll know your local milkman by name right from the start. As soon as you enter your postcode and we will send your local milkman, helping support the local community.

Will my delivery be affected when the weather conditions are bad?

Whatever the weather, we always endeavour to deliver to you, however where the conditions are really bad (we know how Scotland can be in Winter) some deliveries may not be able to be made, we apologise in advance for this. If you have not received your delivery, please re-order online and your milkman will try to deliver this to you as soon as possible.

My milkman delivers after I've gone in the mornings. What can you do?

Unfortunately we can’t get to all our customers as early as we’d like. We plan our delivery routes in the most streamlined way to have least environmental impact and aim to make 80% of our deliveries by 8am.

Will I still have my usual milkman if I switch to an online account?

Yes you will! Thomson Dairies  is the online milk delivery service provided by your existing local milkman. So although you order and pay via the Thomson Dairies website, it’s still your usual milkman making your deliveries.

Paying Your Bill

How to make a payment online?

Once you’re a registered online customer all your payments need to be made online. When you setup your online account we extend you a credit facility starting at £40 to cover all of your regular and one-off orders for the month. You can choose to pay by Direct Debit from your bank account or by recurring Credit/Debit Card payment. You can even choose when you’d like to pay, with payments being taken on or shortly after the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd of each month.

What if I don't want to pay monthly?

If you don’t want to set up a regular monthly payment, just order from us occasionally or want to pay for each order by card, you can use our pay as you go option. This means you pay for each order individually at the time your place the order but with this option you won’t be able to set up any regular orders

Click through to ‘My account’ and ‘Payment details’ to set up or change how your pay your bills.

Will my delivery be affected when the weather conditions are bad?

Whatever the weather, we always endeavour to deliver to you, however where the conditions are really bad (we know how Scotland can be in Winter) some deliveries may not be able to be made, we apologise in advance for this. If you have not received your delivery, please re-order online and your milkman will try to deliver this to you as soon as possible.

How do I know it's safe to pay on Thomson Dairies?

We, like any responsible online shop, use a secure third party payment provider who is fully PCI compliant to ensure your information is protected. Your payment information is never displayed in full anywhere in your Thomson Dairies account or on any communications we send to you, and we work closely with Data Protection legislation to ensure your information is protected from access by unauthorised persons and against unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

When is my invoice due and how will I know?

If you have a payment method set up to pay your Thomson Dairies account monthly, you can choose to pay on the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd of each month. All you need to do to amend this date is go to the ‘My Account’ section of the site and you can select the payment date within the ‘Payment Details’ area.

Can you increase my credit limit?

If you find that our standard credit limit means you can’t order everything you want during the month you can ask us to increase it for you. You will need to have at least 3 month of successful payment history with us or, if you’ve previously had an offline account we can use this history with us to increase your limit. Just call our Account team and we will look at each case independently.

Are there any minimum order requirements?

If you have set up a regular payment method such as Direct Debit or automatic credit card payments then no order is too small. If all you need is one pint of milk or a dozen eggs – that’s fine by us.

If you are making a One-off order then the minimum amount for the order is £2.50 in order for us to process your card payment.

Can I pay my offline bills/invoices online?

We’re afraid not. You can only pay online when you have registered on the Thomson Dairies website and are ordering online. Any orders placed offline must be paid offline until then.

What payment cards do you accept on Thomson Dairies?

For all orders we accept any of the following: Visa Debit, Visa Credit, Mastercard Debit, Mastercard Credit, Delta, Electron and Visa Electron.

I think I missed a payment. What happens now?

If you have missed a payment we will automatically send you an email to let you know that the initial payment was refused or failed. You will then need to check your payment details to ensure they are up to date, and the payment will be taken again on the next available collection date.

If after the second attempt at payment there is still an overdue balance on your account it will be suspended. In order to regain access to your account you must clear the outstanding balance by making a top-up payment before you can order further items from the website.

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours to release the suspension on your account after you have made your top-up payment.
If this is the case you should have received an email from us to let you know there’s a problem, it’s worth having a look in your Spam or Junk email folder if you can’t see it in your email account.

Charges to Missed payments will be subject to business discretion. If you are in financial difficulty please contact us as soon as possible.


Will you ever substitute a product if you don't have it available?

Yes, if for any reason we don’t have any of your requested items we will always do our best to substitute them with good alternatives. In the event that we do have to substitute a product for you, you will only be charged the price of the original item, or, if the substitute is cheaper, you will be charged the lower price instead.

If you don’t want to keep the substituted item for any reason please contact our Customer Care team on within 3 working days of delivery who will be happy to arrange a refund for you.

Moving House

I'm moving to a new house, can I still get my milk delivered?

Don’t worry, if you need to change or let us know you move house, then email or call us and we will change your delivery location to suit.


What is the cancellation process?

To cancel your account you must call our office during business hours and speak to our staff and specifically our cancellation department. Cancellation via email, text, social media, letters in bottles, verbally saying to delivery staff and or any other member of staff apart from the relevant team will not be accepted or processed. If you cancel your payment *(Direct debit, bacs) without notifying us via the cancellation route or without attempting to contact us, you can incur a £30 cancellation charge at our company’s discretion.