We guarantee all our doorsteps areas are delivered a minimum of twice per week. Depending on the area you live that will define which days you will receive deliveries from your local milkman Our delivery days are: Monday Tuesday or Wednesday (Delivery 1) & Thursday Friday or Saturday (Delivery 2).

Glass Bottles

Fruit Juice

Organic 2 Litre Reusable Glass Bottles


Glass bottles of flavoured milk

Fresh Cream

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Direct Debit

Authorise Direct Debit - Our Variable Direct Debits are collected weekly, I confirm I would like to proceed and authorise Thomson Dairies Ltd to set up a weekly direct debit. Your delivery days and first direct debit date will be e-mailed to you by one of our team. Please note: The direct debits are taken a week in arrears. If there is a delay in setting up your direct debit, your first payment will be for the balance up to and including the previous weeks deliveries, and ongoing payments will be taken weekly thereafter.

Thanks very much for supporting Thomson Dairies and the scottish dairy farmers we work with.