Despite the widespread use of images of cows in fields, labels on milk tell you very little about the farms your milk comes from and the life that the cows are afforded. Traditional British dairy farms are disappearing from the landscape at an alarming rate, to be replaced by larger, more intensive operations where cows are sometimes confined indoors all year round.

Roan’s Dairy is a 6th generation family run dairy farm just outside Dalbeattie in Dumfries & Galloway that supplies fresh milk & cream from their very own herd of free range pedigree Holstein cows.     

Roan`s Dairy milk is not just any ordinary milk you can get in the supermarket, their milk is from grass fed, free range cows and this is something that that the Roan Family are very passionate about.  The farm set up allows their cows to spend the day grazing on the lush green grass during the day, just as nature intended.  This is  sight that you don’t get to see much these day as many milking herds are kept indoors.

With over 120 years farming knowledge you could say the Roan` Family know a thing or two about milking cows and they know that the more care and attention they give to their cows, the better the milk tastes!

So what is Free Range Milk?

Well it all starts with the weather here in South West Scotland – it’s wet and mild which makes it great for growing lush green grass.  This lush green grass is full of goodness that makes the cows at Roan`s Dairy very contented and makes their milk taste fresher than the udders!

Free Range is all about allowing the cows to roam in lush green fields for up to 6 months of the year. You can’t graze cows on lush grass all year round because it’s too cold in the winter for the grass to grow, so the grass is cut in the summer and stored then fed back to the cows in the winter when they are inside the shed where it is nice and warm.